“Data file format” is no longer a data file. Thanks everyone for the comments. As ijabz pointed out its an unnecessary step to create a data file instead of separating data using multiple attributes.

So… to add tracks you send a comma separated list with the attribute name addtracks. The attribute name removetracks Continue reading ‘Updated “data file format”’


I have been thinking some about the format of the data file, and the format of the response.

To make the service resemble XMLWebservice Im thinking of dividing the URIs to where the POST data is sent(Thanks Kuno). One for adding, one for removing. And also it might be a good idea to also separate “tracklist” and “albumlist” to different URIs. Feedback please ­čÖé

My idea right now of the data file format is Continue reading ‘Data file format and response format’

Came back from London earlier today. Had a great weekend. Thanks to all the MusicBrainz people, and the others who participated. It was very interesting. Nice to get to meet many of the people I have been and will be in contact with. It was interesting to get to know what is going on with MusicBrainz. Learned more about the organization.

And I received good suggestions and feedback on my summer of code project. I have added these suggestions Continue reading ‘MusicBrainz summit in London’

Hey there

I’m Niklas. I submitted this project idea to Google Summer of Code. My project idea was for the MetaBrainz organization – for their MusicBrainz project. It was accepted. Im quite excited about this because I think the outcome from this project will be useful.

The idea is to give MusicBrainz users the possibility to “track” artists – be notified about new releases from these artists, and to be able to compare one’s music collection with available releases of selected artists. Lets say your favorite has released 4 albums and 5 singles. In your collection theres 2 albums and 1 single of this artist. The website can tell you which releases are missing in your collection. Continue reading ‘Introduction to my project’