End of GSoC


Yesterday(august 18th) was the code handin deadline for GSoC. I’ve enjoyed being part of the MusicBrainz community. I hope that you in the near future get to enjoy the outcome of this project 🙂

I’ve been in contact with many friendly MusicBrainz people. Thank you all for commenting, helping out with coding questions, mb_server questions, keeping me company on IRC late nights etc etc. Thanks to Robert Kaye who mentored me, and Kuno for coding a collection MBId submitting tool.

Things have gone quite well. The basic functionality plus some is finished. It still has to be more carefully tested and there is room for improvements. I’m continuing the work, and Robert will set up a server soon for public testing.

Edit: Oh of course… Thanks Google!


3 Responses to “End of GSoC”

  1. 1 Mayhem

    Thanks for making GSoC *sooo* much more enjoyable this year. I had fun, I feel that my mentoring may have actually helped you and we’ll have usable features in the end!


    Thanks Google!

  2. 2 Niklas

    Oh yea, thanks Google! 😀

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