What is done and what needs to be done


Time is closing up on the final code submission deadline when the project shall be done. Things has gone pretty ok.

This deadline is the 18th of August. On the 17th I will be leaving to visit my girlfriend and the plan is that while I’m gone people can try out the collection functionality to find bugs and to comment on it. Then I will be back and fix bugs.

What is done so far is:

  • Web service for inserting and removing MBIds from collection
  • Displaying user’s collection
  • Displaying missing releases
  • Users can select artists to view missing releases of, and to be notified about new releases.
  • Users can remove those mentioned in the above bullet point
  • Preference whether to send notifications by e-mail or not
  • Preference for how many days in advance the user want to be notified about new releases
What is not done:
  • Displaying new releases on the website
Other things to do:
  • Ignore versions of releases when displaying missing releases
  • Optimize code
  • Improve collection web service response format
  • Bug fixing
What is mentioned above is “must have” functionality and slightly more. That something is not listened to not necessarily mean it wont be implemented. The tool for submitting MBIds has not been listed as his kindness Kuno(warp) is working on that.
The “other things to do” list is a bit short. I’ve got a paper with notes of small fixes that will be done but I omitted details here.

4 Responses to “What is done and what needs to be done”

  1. 1 Georg

    Sounds awesome.

  2. Sounds like youve been busy ! Is the xml webservice available to test against yet, if so which server is it on and what format is the request, I’d love to try it before you go on holiday.;)
    Btw the first two items on your done list appear very similar 😉

  3. 3 niklasbe

    Haha yes they were very similar 🙂 Edited post. I’ll give you URL etc on IRC.

  4. We spoke on IRC about it but thought worth adding here. A webservice way of of retrieving an list of the release ids in your collection seems a must to me. Imagine I have an application that submits all my collection to musicbrainz. At a later stage I load my collection again and want to submit my newly added releases but unless I have have kept a local record of all the submissions I originally made I would have to submit all tracks again to be sure that each was covered. Even if I did keep a local record this wouldnt help if some of those releases had been removed from the collection using the Musicbrainz website, or the local record had got corrupted.

    Once that is available it would then be easy to use it to provide an xml list from the Collections webpage as well (similar to the way you can get an xml representation of any artist/release/track in the website by clicking Details and then XML)

    An XML representation (with ids) is also needed in order to share my list with others Musicbrainers, a plain text list is not very useful.

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