Where to put files, and which files are modified


It has been quite a while since the last post. Tomorrow I will write a post which summarises what I have done, and what Im going to do next. That summary post will be recurring at least weekly starting tomorrow.

In this post I will list new files created by this project, and files it will modify. Im suggesting some paths for these files. Questions, comments, ideas, anything is welcome. There’s many people out there who know mb_server way better than I do.

I’ll just dump a list on you… There are comments for some of the files. These are the new files:

  • /htdocs/show/collection/index.html – display overview of collection. also display notifications about new releases
  • /htdocs/show/collection/missing.html – display missing releases
  • /htdocs/user/collectionpreferences.html – preferences…
  • /cgi-bin/MusicBrainz/Server/CollectionInfo.pm – logic for what is in the collection and what is missing
  • /cgi-bin/MusicBrainz/Server/WatchArtists.pm – logic for watching artists, website notifications about new releases
  • /cgi-bin/MusicBrainz/Server/Collection.pm – back-end for the webservice. adding and removing releases from collection
  • /cgi-bin/CollectionPreference.pm – back-end for collection preferences
  • /cgi-bin/MusicBrainz/Server/Handlers/WS/1/Collection.pm – webservice for adding/removing releases in collection
  • /admin/SendReleaseNotifications.pl – script sending e-mail notifications about new releases. run daily(hence modifying daily.sh)
  • /admin/sql/updates/20080711.sql — update script for the raw database
  • /htdocs/comp/collection – Mason component for displaying collection
  • /htdocs/comp/collectionmissing – Mason component for displaying missing releases


And heres files Im modifying:

  • /cgi-bin/UserPreference.pm – logic for settings
  • /admin/vh_httpd.conf
  • /admin/startup.pl
  • /admin/cron/daily.sh
  • /admin/sql/vertical/rawdata/CreateIndexes.sql
  • /admin/sql/vertical/rawdata/CreatePrimaryKeys.sql
  • /admin/sql/vertical/rawdata/CreateTables.sql
  • /admin/sql/vertical/rawdata/DropIndexes.sql
  • /admin/sql/vertical/rawdata/DropPrimaryKeys.sql
  • /admin/sql/vertical/rawdata/DropTables.sql
  • /admin/SetSequences.pl
  • /admin/ExportAllTables
  • /admin/MBImport.pl
  • /htdocs/comp/layout/topmenu – adding links to pages
  • /htdocs/comp/artisttitle – adding links for “watching” and selecting to “display missing releases of” an artist
Thats it for this post.
Edit: snuck in /htdocs/comp/collection and /htdocs/comp/collectionmissing in the list of new files.

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