Updated “data file format”


“Data file format” is no longer a data file. Thanks everyone for the comments. As ijabz pointed out its an unnecessary step to create a data file instead of separating data using multiple attributes.

So… to add tracks you send a comma separated list with the attribute name addtracks. The attribute name removetracks is used for removing. addalbum and removealbum is used for manipulating the album data.

This should be sent as POST data to something like /mc/1/collection/niklas where mc would be some name for the service, 1 is the version of the service, collection because it is a collection and niklas would be the user whoms collection we are updating.

Tomorrow morning(actually its this morning) Im having my final exam, after that I hope I will get lots of more things done.


3 Responses to “Updated “data file format””

  1. 1 niklasbe

    I did not mention user authentication in this post, but I suppose HTTP Digest Authentication should be used(?) since thats what XMLWebService use

  2. 2 niklasbe

    hmm no, the resource should be /mc/1/collection/?user=niklas?
    If user even should be sent, which I think is unnecessary?

  3. 3 kuno

    Yes, I expect you get the username through whatever authentication will be used.

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