Introduction to my project


Hey there

I’m Niklas. I submitted this project idea to Google Summer of Code. My project idea was for the MetaBrainz organization – for their MusicBrainz project. It was accepted. Im quite excited about this because I think the outcome from this project will be useful.

The idea is to give MusicBrainz users the possibility to “track” artists – be notified about new releases from these artists, and to be able to compare one’s music collection with available releases of selected artists. Lets say your favorite has released 4 albums and 5 singles. In your collection theres 2 albums and 1 single of this artist. The website can tell you which releases are missing in your collection.

There is two parts of this project… The part on the website, and also there will be a tool that you can use to let the MusicBrainz website know which releases there are in your collection. It can scan a selected directory(or several directories) for music files and notify the server about the releases in these scanned directories. So it will only work for digital music on your computer. And you must use some MusicBrainz tagging software, e.g. Picard( to use this tool.

Manually adding releases is also planned as a “if there is time” requirement. This would allow users to add non-digital releases. Also someone on the mailing list suggested implementing support for bar code readers. Thats a really good idea in my opinion, but outside the scope of this project.

Thats the basic idea. I personally really have been missing something like this. Its hard to keep up to date on releases of artists that one listen to. I believe and hope that others will find this useful as well.

I attached a GANTT chart to my application. Its quite rough, but will give you an idea of my timeplan in case you are interested. It can be found at

There is an abstract for my proposal on the GSoC website. Its available at

Perhaps you stumbled upon this blog on a search engine, or in some other way… And you dont have any idea of what MusicBrainz is. If so you can have a look at for more info about MusicBrainz.


2 Responses to “Introduction to my project”

  1. I’ve done something similar a year ago to learn RoR: I’m looking forward to your implementation, let me know if you need a beta-tester.

    Good luck!

  2. 2 niklasbe

    Thats interesting. Thanks for sharing! I’ll let you know if I need a beta tester 🙂

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